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Administration and management

Plan special of the Chamartín campus.

The Governing Body of Madrid, in its session of 14 May 2015, agreed to initially approve the Special Plan of review and improvement of the organisation of the research campus of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III in Chamartín.

The Governing Body also agreed to subject the Plan to public consultation for the term of one month, by means of the announcement in the Community of Madrid's Official Gazette and in a widely distributed newspaper, as well as to request reports from administrative bodies and entities legally established as prescriptive. When these announcements are published, which establish the start of the legally established term, information will be given.

In order to ensure that the various people and organisations, users of the ISCIII campus in Chamartín, are informed of the details of the Special Plan and, if applicable, can submit observations during the public consultation planned by the City Council, the contents of this Plan will be available for consultation.

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