Management structure

Platform and National Registry of Biobanks

As approved by Royal Decree 1716/2011, of 18 November, establishing the basic requirements for authorisation and operation of biobanks for biomedical research and the processing of biological samples of human origin, and regulating the operation and organisation of the Registro Nacional de Biobancos for biomedical research.

The ISCIII offers researchers an electronic platform to register biobanks and collections of samples.

You may also process the registration notification via any of the means set forth in Law 30/92 of the Legal Regime of Public Administration, by sending it to:

Registro del Instituto de Salud Carlos III C/ Monforte del Lemos, 5 28029 Madrid 


 * The ISCIII cannot he held responsible for the data contained in the collections section of the National Register of Biobanks as this data is provided by those persons responsible for the collections.

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