Management structure

Scientific Research Coordination Area of the ISCIII

The purpose of the Scientific Research Coordination Area is to manage and coordinate the Institute's research activities within the framework of national calls for grants.

Its functions are:

  • To publicise calls for grants for national programmes and programmes of the Strategic Area of the National Health Plan, as well as grants offered by private foundations. The grants offered may be for research projects or for staff.
  • To advise the Institute's researchers on the preparation and presentation of proposals to the various Funding Agencies and to monitor applications and awards.

The Research Coordination Unit of the ISCIII has a quality management system that complies with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Standard .
Monitoring of national and international projects, agreements, contracts and assignments: Economic and scientific justifications to be presented to Funding Agencies
Participation in the drafting of HR contracts for research staff:

  • Training aids for staff
  • Economic management, statistical analyses and of the situation of intramural research
  • Management by the Research Committee

Calls for research grants
Calls file

Active projects:


Active assignments, agreements and contracts
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