The Centro Nacional de Microbiología (CNM) is a centre belonging to the Instituto de Salud Carlos III which gives scientific and technical support to the General State Administration, the Autonomous Communities and the National Health System (SNS), as stipulated in the General Law on Health (Law 14/1986, of 25 April) and the Statute of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Royal Decree 375/2001, of 6 April and its subsequent modification by Royal Decree 1672/2009, of 6 November).

The CNM's specific function is the control of infectious diseases, for which it offers diagnostic and reference services, also maintaining research programmes, both basic and applied, related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these illnesses. It has a quality management system which complies with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard, certified by AENOR, for the reception of biological samples, as well as a number of techniques and services accredited by ENAC, according to the UNE-EN ISO 15189 standard.

In 2013 the CNM reorganised its laboratories, grouping them in five functional areas, so that related laboratories and units are part of the same structure.

The Centre also has common scientific and technical units carrying out work in the specialised areas of biocomputer science, flow cytometry, genomics, proteomics, electron microscopy, confocal and structural microscopy and veterinary, jointly with the units and services in different functional areas. It also has a number of management support units, covering areas such as: quality assurance, biosafety, technical and scientific support, secretarial support and stores. It is interesting to note the existence of a biosafety level 3 laboratory and the availability of a guide in Spanish and English to welcome new staff.

The total number of staff in February 2013 was 385 (click here to contact them). The chart below gives a breakdown of the areas in which they work.












Electron microscopy

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