International collaboration



The Red Iberoamericana Ministerial de Aprendizaje e Investigación en Salud (Latin-American Ministerial Network for Learning and Research in Health, RIMAIS) is the result of a commitment reached by the Costa Rica Ministry of Health at the Fifteenth Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government. Its basic goal is to strengthen the capacities of Latin-American Ministries of Health with the development of a guiding function in public health studies and in health research based on sharing information and know-how generated and disseminated via various regional initiatives.

Cooperation with and support for the RIMAIS network forms part of the strategic plans of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III to internationalise Spanish research in health and encourage scientific and technical cooperation with Latin America. It also aims to increase the amount of research and improve its quality and foster policies based on scientific evidence in the countries covered by the network in the light of the challenges currently faced by public health in the Region.

One of the activities envisaged in this connection is cooperation between the RIMAIS and the European Union. It aims to develop and strengthen research and technological innovation in public health at regional and international level, to encourage cooperation in this field between regions and countries, and to encourage the spread of good practice in the exercise of the profession and in the formulation of public health policies.

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