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ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) is a strategic European instrument to develop scientific integration in the European Union and to strengthen its international outreach. The infrastructures play an essential role in the advancement of knowledge and technology. They are a key instrument in bringing together a wide diversity of stakeholders to look for solutions to many of the problems society is facing today.

Continuous improvement in the health of European citizens relies on biomedical research and on citizens who participate in that research. Today's research requires new, better and further-reaching resources. More than 200 institutions, including funding agencies, from 24 Member States have joined together in the design of infrastructures that provide these resources. Our infrastructures currently manage just over 10 million samples. Our aim is to increase the number of samples, databases and tools in order to enhance quality, reduce fragmentation and make everything available to all European researchers.

The Instituto de Salud Carlos III is involved in building quality European infrastructures in the areas of molecular research, innovative medicine and clinical research.

  • BBMRI  is the European Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure. Its mission is to construct a solid pan-European infrastructure in this area, building on existing infrastructures, resources and technologies in Member States and worldwide. It specifically works on developing innovative components properly embedded into European ethical, legal and societal frameworks.
  • EATRIS (European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine) is the European infrastructure of advanced translational research in medicine. The creation of EATRIS responds to the increasing incidence of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other diseases resulting from the higher life expectancy and lifestyle changes in Europe today, together with the pressure this entails for healthcare budgets and medical services. EATRIS accepts the challenge of building a highly productive research infrastructure able to quickly and efficiently translate discoveries in basic biomedical research to new innovative medical applications.
  • ECRIN  is the European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network dedicated to improving the health of patients and citizens all over the world through clinical research. It is comprised of national networks of clinical research centres and clinical trial units from different Member States. ECRIN aims to become a clinical research infrastructure accessible to all clinical researchers in Europe and Associated States. To do so, it promotes the development of national networks based on high-quality clinical research criteria and standards and fosters alliances with similar infrastructures in other regions of the world and with developing regions through training programmes.
  • ELIXIR The goal is to create an operational and sustainable infrastructure for bioinformatics in Europe in order to support research in life sciences as well as its application to medicine, the environment, the biotech industry and society as a whole.
  • ERINHA (European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents). It is a project of building a pan-European research infrastructure to reinforce coordination for the study and the surveillance of highly pathogenic micro-organisms. ERINHA will allow the European scientific community open access to the BSLA 4 facilities to conduct research and diagnostic activities.

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