Transfer of Technology

Office for the Transference of Reseach Results (OTRI)



OTRI-ISCIII is an interface unit in the science-technology-company system, whose mission is to invigorate relations between all system stakeholders. To this end, it must identify the technological needs of different socioeconomic sectors and contribute to the transfer of technology between the public and private sectors, thus contributing to the application and commercialisation of the R&D results generated at ISCIII. 

Its main goal is to publicise ISCIII knowledge and skills to the National Health System and to society as a whole. 

The OTRI manages technical issues related to its mission, such as drawing up contracts and their negotiation, the preparation of patent applications, the organisation and propagation of its technology offering, direct contact with companies, etc. 

The OTRIs emerged at the end of 1988 within the framework of the National R&D Plan as structures to promote and facilitate cooperation in R&D activities between researchers at public centres and companies, both within Spain and at a European level. Years later and via the Order of 16 February 1996, published in the Official State Gazette of 23 February, they became official, through the creation of an Official Register of OTRIs in the Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología. The OTRI-ISCIII is registered with number 42 (date registered in the registry, 24/04/1996)




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