The Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin (BES) is for those people, organisations and institutions working in public health and the general health field. Its main goals are to publish publications and information that may be useful to users of the Epidemiological Surveillance System, and to publish information from the Red Nacional de Vigilancia Epidemiológica. To this end, the BES will consider works for publication that are related to public health, with special attention given to those that are about surveillance, or the prevention and control of contagious diseases.

* As a result of standardising the Publishing Programme of different official publications and adherence to the Green Plan for Government Contracting by the General State Administration, two changes have been made to the bulletin: On the one hand, the bulletin is now part of the platform of official publications of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The new electronic version can be viewed at the links: and or Another new feature is that starting in 2011, the magazine will be published exclusively in electronic format, with the print version disappearing. Subscribers who would like to receive new editions of the bulletin by email will have to register on the new page.

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