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Environmental Epidemiology and Cancer

Environmental Epidemiology and Cancer

The work of the Environmental Epidemiology and Cancer Area covers an extensive range of topics on etiological research for different types of cancer and on the development of innovative methods for designing studies and data analysis. The majority of these initiatives are done with researchers and groups from outside the Institute who work in different disciplines. This unit collects and expands upon the experience of the Cancer Epidemiology Service, which was created in 1991 with the mission of performing research on the causes of cancer in humans and monitoring temporary trends and the geographical distribution of cancer in Spain.



- Epidemiological study of the possible effects of ionising radiation from the nuclear fuel cycle operations of Spanish nuclear and radioactive facilities on the health of the population living in the surrounding area.

Final report. Collaboration agreement between the Nuclear Safety Council and the Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Madrid, May 2010.

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