Mortality. Spain and autonomous communities

The 10th review of the International Disease Classification (CIE10, WHO 1992) was applied for the first time in Spain by the INE for encoding mortality in 1999 and the list of causes that were presented in previous years on this page was modified slightly that year to adapt it to the latest revision. This list had been made using criteria of comparability, quantitative and qualitative importance, including avoidable mortality. The international list of causes of death and those published by autonomous communities were taken into account to compile this list.

Tables are provided with indicators for 19 large groups - Chapters - of causes of death and for 124 specific causes for 2012. The indicators are: number of deaths, mean age, proportional mortality, overall mortality rate and rate adjusted by age and potential years of life lost (1-70 years) with their overall and adjusted rates.

Tabulations and indicators were created in the CNE using individual records on mortality provided by the National Statistics Institute (INE) from Statistical Death Bulletins.

Tables are also provided with series (2003-2012) and the average of the three year periods 1980-1982, 1990-1992 and 2000-2002 for some indicators, reconstructed from the modified list and adapted to CIE10. For some causes, the series may show a 'jump' in 1999, (a sharp change of trend), due to the significant changes made to the structure of the new CIE that made its standardisation with CIE-9 difficult, as well the changes adopted in codification standards.

The population used to calculate the rates are those for each year: until 2001, Intercensal Population Estimates were employed and, starting in 2002, Current Population Estimates, both calculated by the INE. The reference population for adjusting standard European population rates is broken down into 19 age groups.

Information would be appreciated on any error detected or comments on possible improvements in how data are presented.

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